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by Maxie Elizabeth Ruan, August 19, 2015

      El Cementerio Del Barrio de los Lipanes, a historic Lipan burial site that was designated a State Archeological Landmark in 2014, still stands unprotected and at risk of being overrun by encroaching urbanization.

             According to Councilman Oscar Rodriguez, the cemetery is located in an area that had been occupied by civilizations for thousands of years. The Lipan Apache were said to have occupied the area starting from the 1500-1600’s A.D., using it as a campground while visiting La Junta.

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by Maxie Elizabeth Ruan, June 7, 2015

      The Lipan Apache tribe strengthened ties with the German government last year after evidence of an old treaty was discovered between the two.

      Tribal officials sat down with Consul General Ricarda Redeker and other German diplomats to discuss their mutual history. As a sign of comradery, the Lipan gifted a Pendleton blanket to the consulate, where it now hangs in their treaty room. Read More

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