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Maxie Elizabeth Ruan, Reporter


      My name is Maxie Ruan and I am studying Journalism at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. I am also pursuing a minor in American-Indian studies. Throughout my academic career, I have chosen to write about and for tribal communities. I have covered an array of topics pertaining to Native American life and culture, and hope to cover many more. When I’m not writing or researching, I can usually be found pulling espresso shots at my part-time job as a barista. In the future, I hope to become a teacher, working in tribal communities.

Darcie Little Badger, Editor


      I'm a biological oceanographer and writer. I earned my bachelor's degree from Princeton University in 2010 and am now completing my PhD at Texas A&M University. When I'm not reading or working on my dissertation, I enjoy writing speculative fiction inspired by Lipan Apache culture. It is a privilege to contribute to the Lipan Post.

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